Dry & Wet Rot Timber Preservation

Wet Rot

If left unidentified or untreated wet rot strikes all timbers where moisture ingress and damp occur. Wet rot may over time cause major structural problems to your property, there is timber in all house construction. Wet rot is the common term used to describe the majority of the fungal species whom are responsible for timber decay

Damp Proofing London has a specialist team that who are used to spotting and treating the early and advanced stages of wet rot. Our trained surveyors will give a detailed report to determine cause and source of moisture ingress. We determine the best way to eliminate all sources of moisture so as to reduce all timber moisture content to a BBA standard of 20%. We can easily identify affected timbers, carefully remove it all and replace it with new treated timbers. We then follow up with either a spray lance or brush on fungicidal treatment to all remaining timber as a precaution against further problems.

Dry Wet Rot Causes Treatment in South London

Dry Rot

Dry Rot has the ability to travel through masonry, brickwork and all mortars, transporting moisture from existing damp area to dry ones. Dry rot can help promote potential outbreaks to other wood-rotting fungus. It is essential that the problem is correctly identified and rectified.

Damp proofing London provide the following remedial treatments:

Our trained surveyors will provide a detailed report which will determine the best course of action to eliminate all causes and sources of moisture that create dry rot.

  1. Firstly we rapidly dry the entire area;
  2. Secondly, remove all defective and infested timber;
  3. Sterilise all localised masonry and treat timbers with fungicidal chemicals;
  4. Replace removed areas of timber with new treated timber.

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