Damp Proofing Specialists

Do you need a builder or a damp specialist?

 If you have problems with damp you can sometimes feel at a loss as to the correct course of action. As with other jobs that require a tradesman, your lack of knowledge can put you at a disadvantage that some people may try to exploit. Your property is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make and it pays not to cut corners. Damp proofing is a job for the specialist. And it is a problem where the mistake is often made of dealing with the symptoms rather than addressing the actual cause of the problem.

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Although the symptoms of damp problems can be resolved by a general builder, this will not cure it. Many people make the mistake of repainting, redecorating, and replacing damaged timbers and plasterwork without considering how the damage occurred in the first place. Spending money and time on cosmetic solutions is a false economy that you will have to repeat again and again. To cure damp problems once and for all requires skilled work based on a specialist survey. A proper survey is essential to diagnose the cause of the problem, the extent of the damage, and to decide on the correct cause of action.

mouoldy.jpgAlthough some general builders may offer to cure your damp problems, you have to ask yourself if they are able to carry out the task properly. The symptoms of damp all look very similar; peeling wallpaper, blistering paintwork, tidemarks and rotting wood. But the causes can be very different. Is your builder qualified to tell the difference between the different types of damp?

Is he qualified to effectively survey the problem? Is his work going to solve the problem? Will the work be guaranteed? The trouble with damp is that it is easily patched over and by the time the next lot of wallpaper is peeling or woodwork crumbling your builder is long gone. Damp proofing is not a job for cowboys.

scotland-damp-proofing-specialists.jpgHaving decided to employ a damp proof specialist rather than a general builder you will find there are many to choose from. Try looking for a specialist who not only offers a wealth of experience but also offers an insurance guarantee and whose work is backed by The Triton Users Guarantee. The Triton Users Guarantee is the longest established insurance backed guarantee scheme in the specialist remedial building works industry. All TUG contractors are approved following rigorous Triton inspections that they meet high standards of both workmanship and business practice. The Triton vetting process pays special attention to surveying techniques, codes of practice and back up services. Reports are made on completed works and works in progress. Re-examination, spot checks and an annual review are carried out to ensure that the high standards are maintained.

Another useful way to help you choose a damp proof specialist is to see if they offer references for work they have previously carried out. Nothing speaks more for a tradesman than previous successful jobs. Any damp specialist worth their salt will supply references on request.

Problems with damp can be frustrating and, if not tackled correctly, long lasting. If you have a damp problem contact reputable, industry approved professionals and get it fixed once and for all.



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