Damp Proofing Walls

Damp proofing your walls is essential to maintaining your property. Most houses built since the 50s have walls that are fully damp proofed with damp proof courses (DPCs) fitted at the time of construction. Houses built prior to this may be missing their DPC and are consequently prone to rising damp and penetrating damp.

cracked render.jpgBoth old and newer properties can be susceptible to damage from damp if for some reason the integrity of their DPC has become compromised. This can happen for a number of reasons, including: blocked gutters and drainpipes, a build up of earth that raises the ground level to above the level of the DPC (for example through having a drive laid or an extension built), cracked rendering or pebble dashing, accidental bridging of the cavity gap, and in some older properties the original DPC material may perish and cease to work effectively.

Whatever the reasons for damp proofing, and whether it is preventative or remedial, the services of an experienced damp proof specialist are invaluable and in the long run can save you money and the hassle of dealing with the symptoms of dampness.

There are three main types of damp proofing that can be carried out on your walls:



With modern high tech materials, damp proofing walls has become less messy than it used to be, causing less upheaval. These materials are also much more efficient than they used to be, meaning that problems with dampness can now be cured once and for all, and for a relatively low price.

If you have problems with dampness in your walls, whether it be peeling wallpaper and paintwork, crumbling plaster, rotting timbers or damp stains and tide marks, contact a professional damp proofing specialist and ask for a no obligation survey. Damp problems can seriously affect the value of your property and lead to expensive structural damage. Call in the professionals today.



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