Damp Proof Membrane Preserves Homes in London

Damp proof membranes are used to prevent water damage to floors and walls of homes throughout London. The famous rainy London climate creates wet ground and humid air, leading to a variety of damp related problems in buildings. Damp proofing membranes can be used to prevent problems from rising damp, penetrating damp and wet rot. The most commonly seen example of a damp proof membrane in London is a layer of heavy plastic spread under or within a concrete floor slab. When used in this way, damp proofing membrane protects floor boards, tiles and other hard flooring from moisture damage.

Damp Proofing Membranes Under Slab Floor in London

Damp Proof Membranes for Floors

A high quality damp proofing membrane under a concrete slab prevents rising damp, which occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through porous building material such as concrete via capillary action. A good damp proofing membrane stops the rising damp before it ever reaches your floor. It is important to have a properly installed damp proofing membrane under your slab. Many buildings across London suffer damages from rising damp which are exacerbated by poorly placed membranes which actually trap water beneath a building. It is also important to test the moisture content of your subfloor, something a professional will do as a matter of course. For these reasons, it is best to use a damp proofing specialist when installing a damp proofing membrane.


Damp Proof Membranes Creates a Moisture Barrier for London Floors

Damp Proofing Membranes for Cavity Walls

Water can move laterally from the humid air through a wall made of a porous material such as cement or brick. The movement of moisture laterally into a building is called penetrating damp, and it can cause extensive damage to walls.  

To prevent damage from penetrating damp, a form of damp proofing membrane called a cavity drain is laid within the cavity wall. Moisture can penetrate the wall from outside but is trapped inside by the membrane and diverted to a drain. This way moisture is prevented from entering your home, without resorting to such severe measures as cementitious tanking.

Damp Proofing Membrane for New and Old Walls

Many London homes use a combination of damp proofing course and damp proofing membrane to control rising damp in walls. Damp proofing membrane can be laid above the damp proofing course to provide a further barrier to moisture travelling up the wall.


Without Damp Proof Membranes London Homes Suffer Moisture DamageDamp proofing membrane can also be used on surfaces which are already damaged by damp problems. A layer of damp proof membrane against an old, damp wall with a new finish applied over it will protect the new surface from water retained in the old, damaged wall. This is a great option for many older London homes which have already suffered injury from moisture.


Damp Proofing Membrane Materials

Damp proofing membranes come in a variety of forms and are made of many different materials. Typically they are heavy gauge plastics like high density polyethylene (HDPE), pitch coated polymers or silicone based liquids. The liquid damp proofing membrane is applied as damp proofing injection, where the liquid is injected into an existing wall. The diversity of damp proofing membranes available makes it suitable for many projects. Use damp proofing membrane over your floor slab, in an existing wall or around new windows or doors. These membranes are used across London in both new construction and to rehabilitate damp damaged buildings.

Damp Proof Membrane Products

Damp Proof Membrane Products

A quick internet search will prove that there are nearly endless options when it comes to damp proofing membranes. Each product is suited to a particular use, and as we have seen, damp proofing membranes have many applications. You can purchase damp proofing membrane kits which come with specifically designed fittings to create an impenetrable seal in your wall or floor. Triton is the current market leader producing damp proofing membranes and offers a wide range of products to satisfy your individual needs.


Keep in mind that a poorly selected or badly installed damp proofing membrane can cause more damage than it prevents. For anything bigger than a small “wrap-around” garden project, it is advisable to use a professional damp proofing specialist to help you choose the right product and install it properly.



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