Damp Proofing Costs

money.jpgDamp problems in your property can be expensive. It is important to remember that, if left untreated, the damage caused by dampness will increase and costs will escalate. Covering up damage with cosmetic repairs and redecoration is a false economy. The cheapest and most effective way of dealing with damp problems is to tackle the root cause of them as soon as possible.

Damp problems are often misdiagnosed and this can lead to extensive work being carried out that has no effect on the problem. Be sure to use professional damp proof specialists to diagnose your problem and give you a full and comprehensive survey, only then can you properly decide on your next course of action. A decent survey can cost you up to around £250, but if you shop around you can always find specialists offering free surveys in your area. Damp Proofing London always offer a FREE assessment.

The cost of employing a damp proof specialist to treat your damp problems is obviously open to a great deal of variation, depending on the type of problem and the extent of the damage.

Rising Damp – In London costs in the range of £150 to £180 per square metre.

Damp Proof Injection – In London costs in the range of £20 to £30 per linear metre.

Tanking of Walls – In London costs in the range of £180 to £220 per sq metre and will include all render and painting finishes.

With the advent of modern DPC creams which no longer require specialised equipment, many people nowadays try to attempt remedial damp proofing works themselves. We strongly advise against this. This is not just because we are damp proof specialists trying to protect our business; much of our work involves fixing problems caused by unqualified DIY enthusiasts, making our work harder and significantly increasing the costs for the client.

If you do attempt to fix damp problems yourself you will need to factor in tools and enough products to complete the job. DIY creams for DPCs against rising damp will cost somewhere between £10 and £20 per cartridge which will treat around 1.75m of 9” two leaf, solid or cavity wall. Kits are available containing skeleton guns, cream, drill bits and plaster waterproofing products for around £100 for 10m of single wall.

When budgeting for remedial damp proofing remember to factor in the costs of re-plastering, redecorating and replacing any damaged timbers or other fittings. Also include the costs for tools, cleaning up and skip hire. Initial prices for DIY kits can seem low at first but you need to make sure that you have covered all eventualities in your calculations. We firmly recommend leaving damp proofing your property to a qualified specialist.




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