Cellar and Basement Tanking

What are the symptoms and treatment of wet basements and cellars. Transform your damp dank forgotten below ground space.

We are London specialists in tanking your damp now disused coal vault, converted cellar or basement which you want to use as useful extra space for your storage, laundry, bathroom/shower room. By converting it to a clean dry space we will add valuable space and value to any property.

It is always a good idea to keep below ground earth retaining walls moisture proofed through a solid tanking system. Waterproofing of basements and cellars is more commonly known by the term Tanking. It involves completely repairing and preparing the existing masonry sub-strate.

Step 1 - In most cases the masonry is deemed too defective to repair and is totally removed, taken back to expose the original brickwork.

Cellar Tanking, Basement Wall Tanking Specialist Services in South LondonStep 2 - Once this has been completed the mortar joints are cleaned out and brickwork is washed to prevent salts contamination.

Step 3 - A waterproof mixture of 3-1 sand and cement is applied to a minimum of 10mm to the thoroughly prepared brickwork.

Step 4 - When the applied render is still green (not completely dry ) a cementious tanking solution is then applied to a minimum of 3mm again when the tanking is still green a further waterproofed 3-1 sand and cement render coat is applied to minimum of 10mm.

Step 5 - This can be left as is, painted or finish plastered dependant on clients instruction.

Damp Proofing London are fully affiliated and guaranteed by Triton Chemicals the countrys leading manufacturer in all waterproofing basement and cellar tanking products.

We have completed hundreds of successful tanking works and Damp proofing London will leave a usable space which will be completely moisture free. Our specialist methods are a far cheaper and beneficial alternative compared with waterproofing cellars and basements using a membrane and pump system as these methods are not only more expensive they reduce the room size.

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